Buy To Let Portfolio Building

Buy To Let Portfolio Building

We help you build your portfolio around your goals

At Sillars, we specialise in helping clients discover their perfect properties. Our aim is to establish indispensable services, fostering long-term relationships with clients. We transition from sourcing individual properties to crafting tailored portfolios that meet each client’s unique needs.

Our portfolio-building service embodies the same principle that defines everything we do at Sillars: providing bespoke solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements. We expertly manage every aspect of the process for you.

This service entails strategic planning, wherein we develop your portfolio based on mutually agreed goals. The initial step involves a consultation period to discuss your objectives and establish the strategy together.

Once we grasp your overarching goal, we proceed to implement your plan and begin constructing your portfolio. With our extensive knowledge of various North East towns & cities, we can identify properties in different areas that align with your portfolio specifications. Our localised office in Darlington allows us to oversee and manage all aspects of this process for you.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Effective communication with our clients is paramount throughout this process. In addition to the initial consultation, we offer updates tailored to your preferences and the scale of your portfolio. Whether you prefer quarterly, biannual, or annual reports, we adapt to suit your needs.

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of expanding into a full property portfolio, reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in starting this exciting new adventure.

Your Portfolio Builder FAQs Answered

How does the portfolio builder service work?

This service is essentially customised to develop portfolios for clients who lack the time, expertise, or local presence to do so themselves. We personalise the service to address each client’s unique requirements.

If I want to change my strategy am I able to do so?

Certainly. We are flexible and open to adjusting to accommodate evolving strategies. We can arrange portfolio reviews tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

Am I able to split the portfolio over different areas of the North East?

Absolutely. Sillars operates across the North East. We specialise in crafting portfolios comprising properties from these areas.

If I want to include apartments and houses in my portfolio is that possible?

Indeed, our focus primarily revolves around procuring traditional houses and apartments in areas where we possess deep knowledge and understanding. We are adept at sourcing both property types and can engage in discussions with you when strategizing your portfolio.

After agreeing a portfolio strategy, how long will it be before you present properties to me?

Once we’ve finalised a strategy with you, our viewing agents will promptly begin working on your brief, maintaining close and regular contact with our team throughout the process. We’ll present opportunities that align with your requirements for your approval. Upon your agreement to purchase a property, we’ll negotiate the best price on your behalf and manage the case to completion. Additionally, our maintenance and lettings team will be actively involved in refurbishing the property and letting it on your behalf.

Do you do BRRR?

Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance.

We procure properties in well-established areas that typically require refurbishment, adding value and enabling clients to potentially refinance and recover some of their initial investment. Although this isn’t our primary focus, we firmly believe that investing in prime locations and enhancing properties can enhance the value of your portfolio in the long run.

Can I have a mix of strategies in my portfolio?

Certainly, we offer the flexibility to diversify your portfolio by incorporating a blend of standard buy-to-let properties, HMOs, and Serviced Accommodation. Additionally, we can curate a mix of houses and apartments in various locations to further enhance your investment strategy.

First Time Investors

First Time Investors

The Sillars team is ready to support you in your first property investment. Setup a call and talk to our team today.

Experienced Investors

Experienced Investors

Make your next property investment easier with our end-to-end sourcing, maintaining and letting services.